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with Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign.

InDesign Authoring

compatible with CC 2017-2018
Please note that only “core” enrichments are ready for editing (see below*).

Download for MAC

Download for Windows

Indesign Authoring

compatible with CC 2015.
All enrichments are included

Download for MAC

Download for Windows

Please note that our Plugin isn’t currently compliant with InDesign CC 2019. New version will be coming soon.

*Available features for CC 2017-2018

  • Project Manager:
    • Project management, creation, DPE import/export
    • Article management
    • ZAVE Generation is functional*
  • Enrichment List
    • Fully functional (as in previous plugin versions)
  • Enrichment Editor:
    • For now, only “core” enrichments are ready for editing. These include: Button, Anchor, Trigger, Script, Sublayout, HTML/Webview, Slideshow, Image, Audio, Video, Drag&Drop, Animated Images, and all the Quizz Enrichments.

Existing limitations:

  • In all panels, contextual menu clicks (control-click or right-click) do not work.
  • Project Manager:
    • HTML and ePUB Generation are not available for the moment. HTML Sublayouts are still unavailable**
    • Sending a single article to a test device isn’t available for now
  • Enrichment Editor
    • Some actions created with previous versions of the plugin might not appear in action lists; however, unless you edit the enrichment, they will still be generated correctly
    • Cropper/Advanced Kenburns are missing
    • Some icons might be missing or incorrectly displayed


*Note that if you generate a project made in a previous version of the plugin, the engine might be able to still generate all the enrichments. But you won’t be able to edit them.

** We will release regularly new version of the plugin to add those features.