Deliver attractive and enjoyable mobile experiences

with Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign.

InDesign Authoring

compatible with CC 2017-2018-2019
Please note that only “core” enrichments are ready for editing (see below*).

Download for MACDownload for WINDOWS

Indesign Authoring

compatible with CC 2015.
All enrichments are included

Download for MACDownload for WINDOWS

*Available features for CC 2017-2018-2019

  • Project Manager:
    • Project management, creation, DPE import/export
    • Article management
    • ZAVE Generation is functional*
  • Enrichment List
    • Fully functional (as in previous plugin versions)
  • Enrichment Editor:
    • For now, only “core” enrichments are ready for editing. These include: Button, Anchor, Trigger, Script, Sublayout, HTML/Webview, Slideshow, Image, Audio, Video, Drag&Drop, Animated Images, and all the Quizz Enrichments.

Existing limitations:

  • In all panels, contextual menu clicks (control-click or right-click) do not work.
  • Project Manager:
    • HTML and ePUB Generation are not available for the moment. HTML Sublayouts are still unavailable**
    • Sending a single article to a test device isn’t available for now
  • Enrichment Editor
    • Some actions created with previous versions of the plugin might not appear in action lists; however, unless you edit the enrichment, they will still be generated correctly
    • Cropper/Advanced Kenburns are missing
    • Some icons might be missing or incorrectly displayed


*Note that if you generate a project made in a previous version of the plugin, the engine might be able to still generate all the enrichments. But you won’t be able to edit them.

** We will release regularly new version of the plugin to add those features.